The evolution of Earth’s atmosphere

In the previous post, we established that the different rock types, namely sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks, reveal information about the processes involved in shaping our planet’s exterior environments as well as the interior conditions. Sedimentary rocks, in particular, are a fantastic rock record, known to capture indirect relations between the atmosphere (air) and theContinue reading “The evolution of Earth’s atmosphere”

Rock archive

The main tool in reconstructing Earth’s environmental history is – rocks! In order to explore the rock archive, we must first understand what kind of stories different types of rocks can tell.  What is a rock? Rocks are aggregates of smaller constituents, such as minerals or other solid materials (e.g. volcanic glass), which can beContinue reading “Rock archive”


Dioxygen (O2) is a potent little molecule that distinguishes Earth from other planets in the Solar System. The high oxygen content of the air we breathe is considered essential to sustain life as we know it, and yet it was not an original constituent of Earth’s atmosphere. Like other rocky planets in the Solar System,Continue reading “Introduction”